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Are you making progress? Are you working hard in the gym and/or with a diet but the scales aren’t changing?

Weight is not necessarily an accurate measure of progress which is why the team at Back To Fitness have created a ‘Body composition Analysis Programme’.

Follow your progress every 4-6 weeks in terms of:

Bodystat Analysis Programme

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Session 1: 45 minutes, provides you with a full understanding of the programme, an in-depth assessment of body composition using the latest bioelectrical impedance technology (Bodystat 1500) and other potential health indicator tests such as Blood Pressure Readings, Grip test, Flexibility testing and a lung function reading.

Cost - £40 for BTF members, £50 for Non-members

Follow up sessions (Recommended every 4-6 weeks): 30 minutes, A repeat of all initial tests and a debrief with comparisons to your previous results.

Cost - £30 for BTF members, £40 for Non-members

After every session you will be given a comprehensive and colourful print out of your results (and trend charts when you have follow-ups).

Take your Health and Fitness to the next level and see the true results of your efforts. People find this programme highly motivating. Please contact Sharna on 07488 710248 for more information and to book in your first Bodystat Test!